Exclusieve Brillenmerken bij Optiek Dutrannoit

Cartier: Een Wereld van Stijl en Elegantie

Cartier, a name that exudes pure luxury, mixes traditional craftsmanship with progressive designs. Glasses that immediately give the wearer strength and refinement.
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Chanel: Hoogtepunt van Mode

Dive into Chanel's rich fashion legacy. Their eyewear combines contemporary flair with classic sophistication - an epitome of style and grace.
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Chloé: Modern Vrouwelijk Ontwerp

Chloé, with its unique silhouettes and meticulous attention to details, is the ultimate choice for the woman who strives for modernity and elegance.
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Gucci: Een Ode aan Expressie

Gucci is synonymous with ultimate luxury and expression. Each pair of glasses is a statement of the wearer's individuality.
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Etnia Barcelona: Dapper en Gedurfd

Etnia Barcelona invites you to an explosion of color and creativity. These glasses are for those who dare to stand out.
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Lindberg: Synoniem voor Innovatie en Minimalisme

Lindberg vertegenwoordigt het toppunt van minimalistisch ontwerp en technologische innovatie. Deze brillen vallen op door hun lichtgewicht monturen en op maat gemaakte aanpasbaarheid, belichamend subtiele elegantie.
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Tom Ford: The Epitome of Modern Luxury

Tom Ford represents the pinnacle of modern elegance, blending bold design with sophistication. Each pair of glasses embodies the brand's commitment to premium craftsmanship and contemporary style.
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Theo: Uniquely Innovative Eyewear

Theo eyewear pushes the boundaries of creativity, offering uniquely innovative designs for the bold and the artistic. Theo stands for individuality and the joy of expressing one's true self.
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Seiko: Precision in Every Detail

Seiko eyewear embodies precision and reliability, drawing from a legacy of innovation in watchmaking. Each pair is a testament to meticulous attention to detail and functionality.

Silhouette: Elegance in Simplicity

Silhouette eyewear champions minimalistic elegance and unparalleled comfort. Known for its lightweight frames, Silhouette transforms simplicity into a statement of style.
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Ray Ban

a symbol of authenticity and style, blends innovation with tradition. These iconic glasses promise unparalleled elegance and protection.
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Porsche Design

embodies the perfect fusion between technology and luxury. For those who demand excellence and elegance in every detail.
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Oliver Peoples

offers glasses with timeless charm, where craftsmanship and innovation meet for an unparalleled visual experience.


revolutionizes the world of optics with glasses designed for dynamism and innovation, combining performance and style.


inspired by Japanese minimalist elegance, creates glasses where simplicity meets sophistication and innovation.


celebrates the art of French eyewear with creations that combine bright colors, unique designs, and timeless elegance.


offers glasses that combine everyday comfort with contemporary style, for accessible and versatile fashion.


with its avant-garde approach, redefines elegance with glasses that combine Swiss design and unparalleled finesse.


transforms eyewear for children into a style and color adventure, ensuring comfort and durability for young explorers.