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Optiek Dutrannoit

A Legacy of Vision and Style Since 1986

Enter the world of Optiek Dutrannoit, where every corner tells the story of a journey that began in 1986. In the heart of Hoeilaart, we have proudly and diligently created an exceptional place where tradition and innovation meet. From our humble beginnings to our transformation in 2011, our store embodies our constant quest for perfection and our passion for eye care.

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With a close-knit team of three experienced optician-optometrists, we are committed every day to continuing the legacy of excellence that defines us. At Optiek Dutrannoit, every visit is a personal journey of discovery, where caring for your vision and style is our priority.

More Than an Optical Store

Our approach goes beyond tradition; we offer an experience where precision, attention to detail, and personalized service are fundamental. Entering our store, you step into a world where the appreciation of beauty and the care for your unique vision blend together. Each frame and lens in our collection is carefully selected to meet your individual needs and style.

Discover the Essence of Optiek Dutrannoit

We invite you to become part of our community, where every customer is welcomed as a neighbor and a friend. Discover our passion for optics and the commitment with which we serve each client. Let’s seek together the perfect harmony between functionality and aesthetics, between your vision and your style.

Visit us today and experience the warmth and expertise that have defined Optiek Dutrannoit for more than three decades. 

Your vision, our mission.